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The Art Of The Bearded Man

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Growing a beard is an under-rated art. First-timers often try it during an event like No-Shave November, decide to keep the look, and then wonder why their face looks scraggly by the time Christmas comes around to visit.

When you embrace the art of the bearded man, then you can produce a flattering look that is soft and healthy. The rules of composition apply whether you prefer a shorter style or something reminiscent of ZZ Top.

You Need a Plan for Your Beard

Even if your goal is to keep light stubble and nothing else, you need a plan in place to maintain a look that flatters your face. You want the growth to soften your extremities while creating a more oval appearance. That means it may be in your best interest to trim the sides a little shorter, or to have a long, narrow shape to reduce the roundness.

Be Patient with the Beard

A fantastic beard takes time to develop. Some first-timers think they can get something awesome in a week or two. Most guys see a lot of patchiness form in the first month, requiring 6-8 weeks before it fills in enough to create the perfect look. Instead of getting frustrated by the process, have some patience. You can shave the perimeter at your cheek and necklines to prevent gaps.

Beard Supplements Can Be Helpful

Although some debate exists as to the benefits of taking beard supplements, some guys have vitamin or mineral deficiencies that can impact the quality of their appearance. Choosing products that replace these missing items can help to soften or thicken the existing hairs while promoting faster growth. Look for products containing biotin to receive the facial hair support you want.

Brush Out the Long Beard

You donĂ¢t need to sit in front of a vanity, counting 50 brushstrokes through your beard before going to bed. Daily care and attention to distributing the natural oils that form where your skin and the hairs meet makes it easier to keep the facial bush tamed. It works to prevent frizz, breaking, and split ends. Then follow up this work with a conditioning agent to ensure a proper finish occurs.

Try a New Style

Once you get comfortable with a beard shape that you like, it is time to add some nuance to your fashion. A fashionable look today is to snip the bridge between the chin and mustache to create an isolated upper lip. You could also grow the stuff out from under your nose thick and full while keeping the rest trimmed with heavy stubble. The options are virtually endless.

The art of a bearded man embraces personal creativity, style, and fashion into a daily routine. If you welcome the artist within, you will enjoy what the mirror’s reflection offers every day. For more information on beard fashion, visit this site.