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10 Tips For Makeup Application

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On our prom night or wedding day, many of us will turn to a professional makeup artist to get the look we want. Of course, that isnt an option every morning. Applying makeup is really an art form – it takes practice and experimenting for each individual to find her own techniques. While everyone has their own style, here are some simple tips that even a complete makeup klutz (like myself) can use to make fabulous makeup a bit easier!

1. Blot your face with a tissue or square of bath tissue after applying moisturizer, especially your eyelids and your T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin). Oil build-up will cause makeup to clump on your face and appear uneven. On the other hand, dont skip moisturizing all together in an attempt to keep oil off your face, drying out your skin may cause your natural oil glands to go into overdrive.

2. Apply a concealer just a shade lighter than your foundation to the circles under your eyes. Choose a yellow tone to offset the blue or purple of the dark spots. Dot the concealer on lightly, and then gently use the pads of your ring fingers to blend it, working from the inner to the outer corners of your eyes.

3. Use a cover-up the same shade as your foundation to cover any blemishes. Allow 20-30 seconds drying time before applying foundation. Otherwise, the cover up might smear off.

4. Always use one shade of foundation (one that matches your natural skin tone) on your entire face. If you are using liquid foundation, dot it over your entire face, and then blend it with your fingertips or a sponge to get an even application.

5. When choosing colours for eyeshadow, blush, etc, try to coordinate colours with each other and with your outfit. Orangey-melon blush might look great on you, but it wont look right combined with light pink lipstick or a mint-green sweater!

6. Apply mascara in three steps for long-looking lashes. First, apply mascara just to the tips of your top lashes and allow thirty seconds drying time. Second, apply mascara to the top of your lashes (the side facing your eyebrows, not your eyes) working from the outer to the inner corner, pushing the brush towards your nose. Third, hold the brush vertically and sweep the bottom side of your lashes with the tip of the brush.

7. To give your lips a full, dramatic look, apply colour and then add a dot of lip gloss in the centre of your bottom lip. Alternatively, get permanent makeup for your lips or eyes with a tattoo!

8. To apply blush, smile and brush it on to the fullest parts of your cheeks. These are the apples of your cheeks where colour would naturally appear.

9. Brush translucent powder over your entire face to help makeup stay put and give it a more natural, blended look. (For extra fullness, apply the powder over your lashes before applying mascara!) If you really need to make sure your makeup stays in place, lightly mist your face with hairspray and let it dry.

10. Take a few steps back from the mirror and look at your overall look. If someone met you for the first time right now, would they later recognize you without makeup on? Overpowering, unnatural makeup never looks right on anyone so be sure that your makeup accentuates your best features and enhances your natural beauty.